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Entergraph Co., Ltd. help clients to create web sites and achieve good search engine ranking in Thailand since 2004. We built more than 90 web sites and worked with many clients in Pattaya, Bangkok and outside South East Asia.

Our customer service and support are top notch and earn us dozens of referrals every year.

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There Are Many Options

We are local web design agency and leaned a lot about doing business in Thailand and in Pattaya in particular. Let us suggest you the best approach for your web site.

Consider high and low seasons in Pattaya, market specifics, your competition, language requirement, tourism trends and target audience.

  • We will research who search for your products and which country they come from. It is very important to agrees country based searches on Internet and optimize your web site.

  • If your customers come from overseas, you probably should not host your web site in Thailand, even if this is a cheaper option.

  • Many web designers build web site with project in mind, we build with Google in mind. 90% of all visitors come from Internet, you should seriously invest in making your web search engine friendly.

We want to work with you, not with your project. We build this business on long term relationship with all out clients in Pattaya!

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We want to hear form you. If you are building new web site or update existing one, please send us your ideas or a link to your web site and we will be happy to give you a quote and free advice. We will visit your office and explain the best approach to get you online.